A Bit About Us

The Arunachal Pradesh Industrial Development & Financial Corporation Ltd (APIDFCL), a Government of Arunachal Pradesh Undertaking was incorporated on 9th August,1978 under the Companies Act 1956. The 51.07% equity share is held by the APIDFCL and 48.93% equity share is held by Ministry of Tribal Affairs. The Corporation was established as the Apex Industrial Development & Financial Institution for promotion of Industries and to act as catalyst for growth of entrepreneurship, Industrialization and employment generation for tribal populace of the state.

Functions and Objectives :

  • Development of Infrastructure facilities.
  • Promotion of industries.
  • Extending financial assistance to the prospective entrepreneurs.

Development of Infrastructure Facilities :

One of the main objectives of setting up of APIDFC is to develop infrastructure facilities for the promotion of industrial development in the State. However, APIDFC could not take up the activities due to the fact that the State Department of Industries is handling all infrastructure development activities like establishment of industrial estate/growth centre, export promotion industrial park and integrated infrastructure development centers. The State Govt. has been requested to hand over all such activities to APIDFC as is being done in other SIDCs.

Industrial Promotion :

Despite being rich in natural resources and even after the implementation of various development programmes in the state during the five year plans, the level of economic development in Arunachal Pradesh continues to be very low compared with most of the other states of the country. The major factors that have impeded the industrial development in the state are :

  • Late start to the process of industrialization in the region has led to slow growth of entrepreneurial and industrial culture.
  • Near absence of domestic/local manufacture of capital equipment/capital goods industries which necessitates transportation of machinery at higher costs.
  • Lower productivity of labour and higher wage rate.
  • Absence of technical and business information.
  • Necessity of maintaining large inventory due to the remoteness of the region.
  • Limited and dispersed market for goods within the region coupled with higher cost of marketing outside the region.
  • Increasing threat from national competitors using modern technology, larger units and better distribution network resulting in saturation of accessible markets.
  • Lack of inflow of investible funds from outside the state.

A study of the resource availability scenario, climatic conditions, and environmental opportunities indicates the following thrust area for industrial development :

  • Agro and horticulture-based units.
  • Mining and mineral-based units.
  • Plantation Crop-based units.
  • Cottage industry product unit.
  • Adventure tourism.

In spite of all the inherent bottlenecks and constraints for industrial development in the state, APIDFC promoted a wide spectrum of projects covering various industrial and service sectors like weaving and knitting, sawmill, plywood manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, hotels, transport etc.


Authorised and paid up share capital :

The authorised capital of APIDFC is ₹6 crore. The paid-up capital of the state is ₹ 2.14 crore(51.07% shares) and central government is ₹2.05 crore(48.93%)