1. Tender in the prescribed form (enclosed) with all required documents including earnest money deposit receipt and copy of this documents          containing terms and conditions of LEASING OUT OF ARUNSIRI GAS AGENCY, NAHARLAGUN, duly signed on each page by the tenderers  should  be submitted in  sealed  cover            addressed  to the      Managing Director, APIDFC LTD, C- Sector, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh and     SUPERSCRIBING        as tender for ‘LEASING OF ARUNSIRI GAS AGENCY,NAHARLAGUN” for a Period of 30 (thirty) years. The details of the Unit are hereby attached in ANNEXURE- A.


  1. The tender shall be received in the office of the MANAGING DIRECTOR ,APIDFC Ltd, Itanagar, upto 1500 hrs. on……………………2022 . No tender received      after the           stipulated time shall not be entertained. The tenders shall be           opened by      the tender opening committee immediately as per date, time and venue specified by the Tender Committee. The bidder or their representative  desiring to witness the opening of tender may accordingly attend personally or through his representative at the time of tender opening day.


  1. Earnest money for an amount of Rs Five Lakhs, 5.00 lakh shall be    deposited and Bid amount of monthly  lease  rent    along with    the tender by a bank draft drawn o SBI,Itanagar/Vijaya Bank, Itanagar in favour of             M,APIDFC Ltd at Itanagar.


  1. The successful winner of the bidder will have to execute a LEASE DEED , with APIDFC within a period of 15 (fifteen ) days from the date of intimation of tender. The winner of the bidder shall also make a down payment of the amount as per in favour of APIDFC as per terms and conditions of the tender .


  1. Non compliance of the terms and conditions set out in these documents or in    the event of default in respect of any matter mentioned in these terms and conditions, the Managing Director,  or any other authorized officials of APIDFC,  shall have the right to forfeit           the earnest     money deposit including  advance amount if any. Managing Director,    APIDFC   shall also have right to claim compensations for the loss   or   damage caused by the Lessee on   account   of the   default / breach/violations   of the terms and conditions stipulated under this tender conditions from the winner of the bidder. Non payment of the compensation shall be treated as violation of the terms and conditions.


  1. Bidder may also visit the Unit premises of Arunsiri Gas Agency located at Naharlagun & Konko Nallah and inspect the physical conditions of the agency.


  1. Security Money of Rs._______(_____). Shall be deposited in Demand Draft  in favour  of Managing director, APIDF,ltd for a period of ______ year (_____) years   &   in regard to accrued  interest thereof if any is not refundable. 
  2. The Bidder shall submit the Financial Soundness Certificate along with Fixed Deposit for Rs _______ Cr. In any of the nationalized Bank. Incase the lessee fails to continue supply of the essential LPG Cylinder to the consumer and violates any of the provisions of terms and conditions stipulated under this DEED, the  MANAGING DIRECTOR OR any of the authorized officials of  the APIDFC shall have the right to utilize the commensurate amount from fixed deposit to maintain the continuity supply of LPG Gas cylinders to the consumers.  The lessor shall have the right to withdraw/utilize the commensurate amount from Fixed deposit accordingly.


    1. The winner of bidder shall deposit a lease rent advance for the period of 3 (three) years at the time of execution of lease deed/agreement.


    1. The cost of the tender papers is Rs.________/- per set to be deposited in Cash & this amount is non refundable.?????


    1. The tender is only provisional throughout the tender process till the tender is finalized.. The Managing Director, APIDFC LtD, shall have the right to reject any of the part or all tender process          without assigning any reasons. The mayor participation for bidding in tender does not qualify for the bidder to become a successful bidder until evaluation committee is verified with all documents and declared as a qualified bidder…


    1. The bidder shall submit a declaration to the effect that they           shall    not withdraw their tender till such time as a final decision with   regards to acceptance or rejection of their tender is communicated. The bidders are shall not withdraw their tender failing which the part have to compensate to the APIDFC for the loss or damage caused on account of withdraw of the tender


    1. The incomplete documents or not fulfilling the terms and conditions of the tender shall be summarily rejected by the Managing Director or authorized officials competent to do so. The rejected shall not communicated to the party/bidder. The incomplete documents in all respects or unfulfilling any of the terms and conditions stipulated under this tender shall be summarily rejected without assigning any reasons.. No communication shall be entertained..


    1. Incase of any dispute arises between the lessor and Leassee after signing of deed/ agreement between the lessor ad lessee the APIDFC Shall refer the matter to the Chairman APDIFC Who shall be the sole arbitrator to the resolve the dispute and whose decision shall be final and binding on both the parties( Lesser and lesse)




                                                                                         Sd/- (HAGE TARI),IOFS

                                                                                         MANAGING DIRECTOR

                                                                                             A P I D F C LTD.